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Hi, I’m Meg.

It is my belief that coaching can change the world. Whether you are a coach or a leader, when we listen more deeply to each other, approach situations with curiosity and are willing to expand our perspective, we grow in connection and knowledge. Truly amazing things can happen. That is why I am passionate about teaching people to coach, why I mentor hundreds of coaches and help them to build their businesses. The STaR Coach Show is dedicated to sharing Strategies, Tools and Resources that help coaches strengthen skills, build thriving businesses and change leadership and organizations through coaching principles.
I am excited that you are here, explore the shows, get secrets from experts in our industry and remove any barriers keeping you from bringing your impact to the world!

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Since 2008, Meg Rentschler has been teaching and mentoring professionals who are drawn to the power of the process of coaching. Her belief that coaching is not just a profession, but a way of thinking, being and doing, weaves into everything she teaches. When we approach life with more curiosity, less judgement and a true belief in each person’s unique value, we can make amazing things happen.

The STaR Coach Show originated from Meg’s desire to help coaches learn from those who have walked the path before them, to connect coaches with trusted resources, to support their journey in building and growing businesses, and to challenge them to continually grow in confidence and competence in their skills.

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398: Streamlined Social Media Marketing with Karlyn Ankrom

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397: Avoid Coach Burnout with Dr. Zeina Ghossoub, MCC

397: Avoid Coach Burnout with Dr. Zeina Ghossoub, MCC

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395: Getting Sales Right with Katie Nelson

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Meg's thoughtful approach met me where I was and helped me to grow. She asked powerful questions that helped me reflect on who I wanted to be as a coach. She was an excellent role model of the coaching process, and her support was vital as I tried new skills, gained confidence, and found my own voice as a coach. She was always fully present and ready to support me in my growth and development as a coach.

Ben Dilla, Ph.D., ACC https://BoldLeaderDevelopment.com/

Meg has such a calming way about her. She makes you feel comfortable from the start. She offers guidance in such a genuine and meaningful way, while maintaining your individual self-esteem.

Jan Garvin, Leadership
Coach and HR Consultant

I enjoyed Meg's easy-going style and her brilliance at coaching. She asked tough questions that made me dig deep for understanding and personal clarity. But she always made it seem so effortless! I was able to change my mindset, and I'm happy to say that there haven't been any big "fails" in my coaching since I did mentor coaching with Meg.

Rona Delaney

I have worked with Meg in a number of ways. She was one of my instructors (which is already a form of mentoring) and I went through her mentoring program the last time I needed to recertify. Meg is so easy to work with, she is real, authentic, energetic, has a great sense of humor, and is one of the best coaches I have worked with. She is able to really get to the root of the session, which is amazing since I can go all over the board. Not only do I enjoy the mentor program, but her podcast adds so much value as well. Meg is a true pleasure to work with!

Sandi Knight

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