Valerie Sokolosky started her career in journalism and broadcasting and she has published 8 books. She is a popular writer, speaker, and coach on leadership development and personal branding. Her articles have appeared in a wide variety of local, regional and national publications. She founded Valerie & Company in 1981, an international leadership development consulting firm focusing on people skills. Her executive coaching and training work for Fortune 500 companies have resulted in significant profits for these organizations.

Valerie has designed leadership training programs and has helped thousands reach their goals in strategic personal branding and professional presence, both in the United States and internationally.

Listen as she offers valuable tips on how you can enhance your personal development through the branding process.

Show Notes:

  • Coaching attracts people from many different sectors of life
  • We might not know initially who we are going to coach
  • How  to attract the type of clients that you want to target (target market)
  • You never know what issues will come up when you coaching
  • Learning the skills of coaching
  • How you can build on the different skills and experiences
  • The value of branding
  • Creating clarity within your niche
  • How you present yourself and how you carry yourself may determine your success as a coach
  • The 3 things Valerie loves the most in her career