Our guest today is Shari Barth, Founder and President of Optimal Training Solutions. They provide training, coaching, project management, and other types of solutions for organizations. She brokers solutions for those companies and helps them have all of the training and support they need.

Today’s discussion centers around the importance of identifying the unique skills and abilities that you bring to the table as a coach. Being able to articulate this to clients can really impact your own value proposition


Shari is also in a unique position as a broker of many types of coaching and services to a wide range of companies, to share the range of pricing for coaching, as well as what she sees as the trends in coaching. This information can be invaluable to you in your coaching business.

Shari Barth has been brokering solutions for companies for over a decade.  One of her clients calls her a corporate matchmaker as she links her corporate clients needs with trainers, speakers, coaches and consultants.

“Coaching is definitely gaining in popularity”

Show Notes:

  • Brokers solutions for companies through training, coaching, consulting, speaking services
  • Has been in talent development for over 20 years
  • Worked in Change Management
  • Consulting for Andersen
  • Consulting/Accenture and in Training and Organizational Development at JCP
    2001 started her training company
  • The importance of being networked
  • Companies need a “go to” person
  • Offers training/facilitation, Executive and
  • Leadership Coaching, Keynote Speaking and HR Consulting
  • Fee share: she does contracting, negotiating and referral development, provider provides services
  • Word of mouth is her biggest marketing tool
  • Coaches who have a win/win mentality, who are flexible most successful
  • Trends: coaching 1:1 for improvement has seen an increase, coaching as a perk increasing
    Patterns across country: best rates and most need: east coast, followed by west coast, Midwest lags behind
    Coaching rates vary across the country
    Bundle your services
    Balance customer service with business plan
    Be able to clearly articulate what you do on paper, strengthen your value proposition