Today’s guest is Mina Brown. I’ve known her for years and am so excited to be able to have her on the show. Mina is joining us today to talk about career coaching. The decision process around what type of coach you want to be is worth discussing. This interview is packed with so many practical tips and real world advice that Mina uses in her coaching practice everyday. One of the things that makes career coaching different from other forms of coaching, is that you constantly have to keep your clients up to date in their skills, trends and networking since clients will be getting new positions every few years. I hope you enjoy this valuable conversation and it gives you a new perspective on career coaching.

Mina Brown is an experienced, insightful executive coach, career consultant, and seminar leader. As a former senior executive, she offers the powerful combination of successful business leadership experience coupled with intuition, unflinching candor, and well-honed communication abilities. Her clients describe her as “engaging, compassionate, challenging, and inspirational.” Centrally based in Dallas, she works with clients all over the U.S. Mina provides Executive/Professional Coaching, Career Development and Career Coaching. She’s also written several books. Check them out below!

“Be intentional about making career choices that use everything you’ve got and bring joy back to you.”

Listen as Mina also discusses:

  • Career coaching is a mix of pure coaching, teaching, mentoring
  • Her with a therapist in transitions to get clear about her next steps
  • Mina’s passion for helping others make career transitions
  • Every employee and executive needs a personal PR approach
  • Current research shows that people coming into the workforce now are likely to change jobs and perhaps companies every 3 to 5 years
  • If you want to be a career coach, read everything you can on networking
  • Learn the ways to use Linked In
  • Maximize your continuing education
  • Learn about specific models of interviewing (Behavioral Interviewing)
  • People coming for career transition coaching require you to know the process and be able to articulate the steps
  • Use the initial call to determine need and give options
  • Help your clients determine their strategy in the job search

“80% of the success in an interview happens before your pick up the phone or walk in the door, it’s your preparation.”