Welcome to our 100th episode of the show! I created this platform in order to connect coaches with resources, and that continues to be my driving force behind doing the podcast. I want coaches to know the importance of new learning, of having conversations between and among coaches, to provide avenues to strengthen coaching skills in order to build our businesses and to increase clarity of focus of what and who we are as coaches. As host of the show, I have been blessed to meet the many coaches and other guests we have brought to the show. They have shared their insights, shared their tools and strategies that they have used to strengthen their delivery of service and ability to attract clients, and I love sharing what they continue to sharing their contributions to the world of coaching.

I decided to bring forth some of the key learning we highlighted during the first 99 episodes of the show to celebrate the 100th episode. I have compiled key information from some incredibly wise coaches for today’s line-up and I believe their insight is so important that it is well worth listening to again.

Show Notes:

  • Coaching as a profession is relatively new and is ever-evolving.

  • Janet Harvey, an ICF Master Certified Coach, joined me in episode 58 and reflected on the true meaning of coaching.

  • Janet further highlighted the differences between coaching and other helping professions.
  • Coaching Core Competencies help us understand the space we hold for our clients. The ICF has more recently established the PCC Markers and they have been added to each competency for even more clarity.
  • Teresa Pool, Master Certified Coach, highlighted coaching presence in episode 41.
  • Continuing the coaching presence and releasing personal judgment conversation is with Dr. Marcia Reynolds, Master Certified Coach, from episode 40.
  • Costs for coaches, including emotional energy leaks and the impacts on coaching, was discussed with Meg Mann, MCC, in episode 73.
  • Feeling challenged by coaching relationships or not feeling in sync with clients or feeling resistance was also discussed with Meg Mann, MCC, in episode 73.
  • Not every coaching partnership is the best relationship or a perfect fit. The better we know ourselves as coaches and the awareness of what we bring to the table, can create a better understanding of what we want to bring forward to the relationship.
  • Cynthia Loy Darst, MCC, from episode 1, discussed partnerships and the reality of coaching relationships.
  • Cynthia Loy Darst also discussed re-contracting with clients to address less than productive patterns in episode 1.
  • Alison Hendren, MCC, and CEO of Coaching Out of the Box joined me in episode 11 to discuss attributes successful coaches possess and appropriately challenging your clients.
  • Positive Psychology Author and Coach, Caroline Miller, stressed using approaches with our clients that have been tested by time and proven by research in a href=”https://www.starcoachshow.com/?