What do most people know and understand about the coaching profession? You may be surprised at how much people DON’T know and DON’T understand. My guest today has taken an “outside the box” approach to using creativity and opportunities to showcase the coaching profession and its potential. She used a medium that we all know and respond to—a movie! Listen in to how the movie came to be and how it teaches the world about this noble and rewarding profession.

Kasia Wezowski is a four-time Amazon bestselling author and the owner and founder of multiple businesses. Her companies include a thriving coaching practice, an international training company, and a movie production company responsible for raising several million dollars in funds. She is the producer/director of LEAP, the first-ever documentary on the coaching profession, and IMPACT, which examines the power of communication. As a business coach and mentor, Kasia has logged over 3000 coaching hours and invented dozens of unique leadership and business strategies. She is frequently sought after by international media (CBS, Fox, Forbes, TedX), prestigious universities (including Harvard), as well as A-list clients around the world. When she’s not on the road, Kasia lives in a villa in the south of Spain with her husband and business partner, Patryk, and their two children, Thomas and Victoria.

Show Highlights:

  • The idea to bring the world of coaching to people through the movie, LEAP
  • The premise of the movie is a challenge for numerous coaches to use one year of coaching to help change the lives of four clients through their coaching
  • How to find the movie: iTunes, Amazon, and Netflix (October 2018)
  • Clients in the movie are coached in areas of business coaching, executive coaching, life coaching, and relationship coaching
  • The clients are from different backgrounds and experiences, but all show transformation
  • What makes coaches successful
  • Why most coaches are horrible at running a business
  • Three mistakes coaches make in becoming entrepreneurs and business owners, and Kasia’s solutions:
    • Wanting to coach everybody–The solution is to work with a mentor to gain clarity and focus on fewer clients.
    • Believing we can do everything–The solution is to identify your strengths and your niche as you get clear about your services.
    • Ignoring sales and marketing–The solution is to have a strategy to get better at the business of coaching and follow successful coaches and their techniques.
  • Having the confidence to charge what you’re worth will come if you get a mentor to help
  • Kristine Conway, PCC, joins us to discuss her experience in hosting a premiere of LEAP. She shares the following:
    • How she found out about the movie (Psst—it was through email marketing!)
    • The exciting experience of hosting a premiere
    • Meeting the requirement of selling a minimum of 80 tickets
    • Why she partnered with a coaching institute
    • How the movie impacted Kristine as she got to be an observer of the different coaching styles and interactions
    • Feedback received from those who watched the movie
    • How she used the premiere to build her business and increase her coaching presence
    • Why many people don’t understand the many “flavors” of coaching


Kasia Wezowski  Visit Kasia’s website for a free gift of a chapter from her book and find out how to get a free strategy call with Kasia!

The LEAP movie: Coaching Movie

Taking the Leap: How to Build A World-Class Coaching Business by Kasia Wezowski