Think about your coaching journey. Is it a journey that others can learn from? No matter what the field, all journeys are different and they all have their unique stumbling blocks and barriers. The fun part is how we learn from others’ journeys, understanding what has worked well, what hasn’t, and the questions they bring up. Today’s show is all about paying attention to what moves you and where your passion lies on your journey to mastery.

Jane Adshead-Grant is a Master Certified Coach in England. She’s here to share her path from certification to MCC, what she’s doing now, how she chose the right mentors and trainings, and how she plans to continue to flex her coaching muscles. Jane is the director of the UK and Europe Barry-Wehmiller Leadership Institute. She is passionate about coaching and uses her expertise as a coach in helping her clients develop their individual thinking with rigor, courage, and imagination. Jane uses generative listening and incisive questions to work with clients to get past limiting beliefs and liberate themselves from assumptions that keep them stuck, and to grow leaders in cultures where everybody matters. Her goal is for everyone to thrive and contribute to the growth of their families, teams, and organizations. Today, Jane shares with us her path and how she continues to strengthen her coaching and show up better for her clients and for the coaches she trains.

Show Highlights:

  • How Jane came into coaching from a background in people-centered roles of facilitating development in others
  • Why coaching seemed to be a good fit while Jane was raising her young children
  • The main lesson learned in over 16 years of coaching: how to handle performance anxiety in yourself
  • How to remove performance anxiety and the “it’s all about me” thought process
  • Jane’s transformative moment of “the thinking environment” and its ten components
  • The value of feeling, connecting with, and trusting your client
  • Applying what she learned to her work with clients, encouraging them to go to the edge of their thinking
  • How Jane decides which areas of study to go deeper into
  • Her interest in neurolinguistic programming and how the brain works
  • How cognitive behavior therapy helped her understand the connection between our language, emotions, and physiology
  • How her curiosity and passion for language and thinking led her to pursue “the thinking environment”
  • How Jane helps people uncover assumptions that may be limiting them
  • Jane’s specialties as a master level coach:
    • Her work with emerging and senior leaders
    • Training other coaches and business leaders on “the thinking environment”
    • Working with larger teams at the leadership institute to develop the culture of leadership
  • Jane’s advice for beginning coaches:
    • Hold your dream about who you want to serve and stay focused
    • Have a commitment
    • Use mentoring and support to help you learn
  • Considerations in choosing a mentor: their experience and how it relates to me, their own coaching journey in assessing coaches, and how we relate to each other in balancing challenge and support
  • What the coach’s role and responsibilities are in the world of business: Jane asks, “How can we continue to develop ourselves so we can be the best for those we serve?”
  • Jane’s interest in how leadership should shift to a more human focus and the span of leadership
  • Jane’s 10-year journey from the time she started coaching until she achieved master level certification


Time to Think: Listening to Ignite the Human Mind by Nancy Kline

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