What would you say is the most important aspect of coaching? What does it mean to be an effective leader? What is the difference between leading and managing? Today’s show covers these topics and more, with great information for coaches and leaders.

Beverley Wright brings a unique perspective to coaching. She has experience as both a leader within an organization as well as an internal coach and currently as an executive coach in her own business. Her client-focus approach has earned her many awards, most recently the Circle of Distinction Award. She’s one of only six coaches throughout the world to earn this award by the International Coach Federation. Beverley leverages over 30 years of experience with IBM in many different areas of the business.

Show Highlights:

  • 7 P’s of Creating a Coaching Culture:
    • Passion for the business and its objectives
    • Purpose at the heart and soul of your values
    • People who are necessary to make it all work
    • Preparation in investing in the people
    • Partnerships and alliances with clients and employees
    • Productivity, when people want to contribute
    • Profit, which is keeping score as you add and retain clients
  • The most important P: people
  • Being a leader means accomplishing goals through people
  • The difference between a leader (creates a vision and inspiration) and a manager (handles the operation of the team)
  • Two important questions to ask: What do you like about your job? What would you change if you could?
  • Beverley shares a personal story about how listening can lead to a return on people, an untapped resource that isn’t fully leveraged
  • Working with leaders around trust: low trusters and high trusters
  • Types of trust: competence, communications, and character
  • Getting feedback from others, both positive and negative
  • The value in asking: How do YOU want to be managed?
  • Be aware of “the whole person” who shows up every day–not just their business side
  • “Go where you are appreciated and not just tolerated”

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