Are you ready to go to coaching school today? This episode is packed with information as we take a very deep dive into the strong and foundational step of establishing a clear coaching agreement. Download the handout from the resource page for a handy reference guide!

Fran Fisher is a Master Certified Coach who is recognized internationally as a pioneer in the industry. Fran is a published author, international speaker, and founding ICF executive board member who helped develop the credentialing program for aspiring coaches and training schools. She provides coaching services for individuals and small business owners, executives, and collaborative work teams. She is committed to transforming their satisfaction and fulfillment in work through coaching. You’ll hear that she’s passionate about training, coaching, and mentoring both beginning and experienced coaches. She’s here to walk us through the PCC markers for establishing a clear coaching agreement. PCC markers were established by the ICF to help us better understand what we as coaches do in being true to the competencies within the client conversation. Each competency has a different number of marker. We’re walking through the five under establishing a clear coaching agreement.

Show Highlights:

  • How Fran came into coaching after a final workaholic “fry-out” episode in 1989—and then the magic unfolded
  • A coaching course—and she became a “flag-waving champion for coaching”
  • How she later founded her coach training school, Academy for Coach Training, and helped form the first international foundation
  • What we need to know about the competency of an established coaching agreement
  • The context of coaching: the sacred space of unconditional love (and acceptance), where the learning, growth, and transformation naturally occur
  • How “deeper, sooner” play into the coaching process
  • The transformation zone: the key is that you are coaching the client, not the issue
  • The Five Competencies in Creating the Coaching Agreement:
    • Coach helps the client identify, or reconfirm, what she/he wants to accomplish in the session.
    • Coach helps the client to define or reconfirm measures of success for what she/he wants to accomplish in the session.
    • Coach explores what is important or meaningful to the client about what she/he wants to accomplish in the session.
    • Coach helps the client define what the client believes she/he needs to address or resolve in order to achieve what she/he wants to accomplish in the session.
    • Coach continues conversation in direction of client’s desired outcome unless client indicates otherwise.
  • Ask the curious questions to explore
  • Explore what is meaningful to the client—the motivation
  • How to tie the measure for success to the outcome
  • How to invite the client to lead the conversation
  • Establishing the coaching agreement IS the coaching!