Are you in transition? We all know that transitions are part of life, and they sometimes happen when we aren’t quite prepared. As certain as those transitions are, they usually bring unique obstacles that can make us feel resistant to the change. My guest has made this interesting part of life her work and passion, and she has many nuggets of wisdom to share with us today. Listen in to find out how the simple activity of walking can help your coaching success and benefit your clients in multiple ways.

Ilene Schaffer’s sweet spot is helping clients in transition thrive personally and professionally throughout their various life stages.  A passionate believer in the power of walking, Ilene meets her clients (in person and virtually) while strolling the beach in San Diego. Ilene’s walking meetings were her inspiration for creating Mindful Stepping™, a card deck of Positive Psychology inspired activities to do while walking.

Ilene holds a BA in Social Sciences from the University of California at Berkeley, a Masters in Life Transitions Counseling from the University of San Francisco, and certification in Applied Positive Psychology from the Flourishing Center in New York. To learn more, please visit Ilene Schaffer.

Show Highlights:

  • How Ilene started out coaching students with organizational development at UC-Berkeley for about 10 years
  • In grad school, she got a degree in LIfe Transitions Counseling and wanted to work with moms in transitions and the cycle of motherhood
  • Ilene opened up her private practice and then received her certification in Applied Positive Psychology
  • In working with people in transitions, Ilene’s goal is to help people “struggle well” and help them fill their toolboxes
  • The importance of communication skills in advocating for self and having a positive mindset
  • Connecting clarity and confidence by identifying your WHY
  • How walking a lot helped Ilene identify her vision, purpose, and gifts as she cleared her brain space
  • How Ilene “took time off” to intentionally and sacrificially figure out what to do next
  • How she walks with clients, both in-person and virtually
  • Benefits to walking:
    • It’s important for the heart and muscles
    • It helps reduce stress, increase memory, and improve problem-solving ability
    • The power in physical movement brings mental movement
    • There is a naturally-occurring dynamic of being parallel with the client
  • How Ilene notices the changes in a client’s pace and speech as they walk—and what it means
  • What Ilene’s program, Mindful Stepping, is all about–and how it is helping others
  • Solve your problems by getting out of the boardroom and going for a walk!


Ilene Schaffer