So many people seek out coaching to improve their career, business, relationships and other aspects of their lives. Today’s show focuses on a different aspect of coaching – learning to coach can completely change your life. It can help you step into your potential in a way that nothing else can. Today’s guest literally wrote the book (ok, it’s really a course) on this and it’s called Coaching Out of the Box! Join me for this powerful conversation with Alison Hendren!

“People need to be able to move farther, faster, easier, quicker, better than they would have if they hadn’t had a coach, you’ve got to provide value”

Alison Hendren is a dynamic and passionate Executive Coach and Coach Educator.  As the Founder and CEO of Coaching Out of the Box, she had a vision that everyone learn to coach to maximize their full potential.  To realize her vision, she created Coaching Out of the Box, 8 years ago and in that time has trained over 17,000 people in 38+ countries, on what coaching can do and how it can affect every aspect of how we work, live and communicate.  Her extensive history of providing coach instruction in numerous training programs (including being one of Meg’s coach instructors) adds to the strength of her Flagship 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Program.  Coaching Out of the Box has been used in organizations to create a significant return on investment (ROI), Alison discusses 7 qualitative results in today’s show.

Join us as Meg and Alison discuss:

  • Creating a vision and working toward it
  • How Alison created Coaching Out of the Box, it literally comes out of a box but fits the other connotations as well
  • Why everybody needs coaching skills
  • “What if these are the kinds of conversations that people are hungering for?”
  • Why she wanted to make teaching coaching skills as easy as possible
  • 17,000 people have taken the program
  • How Alison takes the program into organizations
  • Alison’s experience of presenting her findings at Harvard
  • 7 key qualitative results as determined by independent firm: improved listening, improved communication, improved ability to give feedback, improved team dynamics and communication, increased conflict resolution, improved relationships, increased ability to engage staff in solution focused conversations and promote accountability
  • You can be licensed to deliver the program
  • You can receive ACC certification through the program
  • Her programs use the same model-What happens when you are coach-like in a conversation?
  • Training organizations to operate from within
  • Training Program: Fast Track to ICF Certification-virtual classrooms
  • “Organizations like to see coaching skills on a resume”
  • Coaches can get licensed in Coaching Out of the Box
  • Training program offers 20 hours of Core Competency CCU’s
  • “People are starving for encouragement and acknowledgment”
  • As a coach, “you have to be prepared to challenge in order to bring value”
  • “As a coach, you need to be committed to strengthening and developing yourself constantly.

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