Today’s show is guaranteed to light up your day, give you new information, and create a new perspective. I have a treasure trove of wisdom from some special guests to share with you, so I hope it impacts you in a positive way.

I have decided to provide this special show today and then take off until the new year, as I’m sure you will all be busy with family and holiday celebrations. My mom has had a stroke, and her prognosis is uncertain, so I’ll be heading north to Michigan to spend time with my family there. I’m a huge believer in community, prayer, and light, so I would welcome any and all prayers, good thoughts, and light being sent to my mom, Mary. Thank you!

A great way to wrap up the year and give you new things to think about for 2019 is to share some of the great bonus questions and answers that our guests have provided. It was hard to pick from this great wealth of content because these questions cover so many wonderful and applicable topics, but I’ve chosen some clips to give you the gift of positivity, self-care, and solid strategy to move the dial on your goals. If any of these clips make you wonder about the full episode with each guest, then check out the links under Resources or at Star Coach Show.

Show Highlights:

  • Ann Betz talks about how neuroscience has impacted her coaching
    • Neuroscience is a hypothesis about what might be going on with a client and what a coach can do to balance them out in that moment
    • A client in chaos needs left-brain focus, not right brain work
    • A left-brain overload manifests itself in rigidity
    • The key is using structure and rigidity to balance the chaos and bring them back to creative and resourceful
  • Kathleen Stinnett explains how positive psychology is about seeing the world accurately to make informed choices
    • Her technique of using the probability of the worst case scenario
    • How to put the client in the framework of positive emotions by asking the probability of the best case scenario
    • How to help clients identify the most likely scenario and be able to work with that
  • Megan McDonough talks about partnering with clients to help them reach their dreams
    • Visualization is not enough, but action steps have to be identified to help them get there
    • How to prioritize positivity to “crank up the engine” in a motivating and powerful way so as not to use up and limit their willpower
  • Jayne Gardner shares about using meditation to create
    • The goal is unlimited possibilities in thought
    • She shares step-by-step instructions on using meditation to find the answers you need
    • The key is to “get bored” with thinking about your problem so you go to a place of nothingness between thoughts, where there are unlimited possibilities and wisdom
  • Louisa Jewell gives advice for dealing with and overcoming perfectionism
    • Why women struggle so much with perfectionism
    • Louisa’s exercise: “Peace at Six”–choosing a few domains in your life in which to put your energy
    • How to “lower your standards” to take care of yourself first
  • Cindy Henson talks about her new book, Jungle: A Journey to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom, and her 7 Key Principles:
    • Have fun
    • Resolve past issues and release your brain power
    • Discover what “juices” you and pursue it
    • Activate your learning gene
    • See your colleagues bigger than they see themselves
    • Move to action
    • Choose to be unstoppable


Ann Betz

Kathleen Stinnett

Megan McDonough

Jayne Gardner

Louisa Jewell

Cynthia Henson