Happy 2019! On this first show of the new year, we’re looking at the things that hold you back from having a great website. What are your barriers as a solopreneur? Let’s take a look at how to face these challenges and overcome them!

Lucy Horton is full of energy and creativity as a designer and music educator who lives and works in Los Angeles. Her favorite projects combine her creativity and logistics, whether in teaching music students or in consulting and designing websites. She approaches every undertaking with heart, efficiency, and attention to detail. Lucy is also a performer with a band, further proof that her creative interests are many. Her passion is in collaborating with female-owned solopreneurs and small businesses to create websites, branding, and marketing materials that feel authentic, motivate action, and empower her clients to DIY. In today’s episode, we talk about how solopreneurs can create an interface with technology, either through a website or social media. We also talk about the barriers we put in front of ourselves and the tools we can use to break them down.

Show Highlights:

  • How coaches, as solopreneurs, have to wear many hats
  • The availability of resources that can help us “get unstuck”
  • How Lucy got clear on what she wanted to do, especially in helping women
  • Barriers that get in our way with negative self-talk:
    • “I don’t know (and can’t afford) a good web developer”
      • Solution: Use a DIY website builder like squarespace.com
      • Benefits: Clients can maintain control, use beautiful templates, and use the mobile-friendly, up-to-date, and flexible service
    • “I don’t have great photos or know what to put on my website”
      • Solution: Use a stock photo resource like Un Splash
      • Benefits: Scroll through options that create the vibe you want, both for your blog and website
    • “I don’t know how to use social media”
      • Solution: Take an action that feels comfortable and authentic to you
      • Benefits: You can focus on giving energy to what you’re good at, and don’t get hung up on details like captions
    • “I’m bad at anything tech-related”
      • Solution: Try tools like Canva or Words Wag
      • Benefits: You can find what matches YOUR work style. Try to Google “top 5 comparison” or your tool “vs.” to find comparisons of tools. You can upgrade to something more detailed when you get better and more confident with the technology
    • Takeaways:
      • Take action. Be aware of your barriers and realize there is a way around each one
      • Using technology doesn’t have to be as complicated as we make it
      • There are many tools and shortcuts available to us


Website: Mosey Creative

Email: Lucy@moseycreative.com

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