If we’re honest, we can probably all think of a time when we were encouraged not to express a certain emotion we were feeling. Unfortunately, many children have grown up to be adults who aren’t very skilled in showing emotions responsibly. My guest today is on a mission to bring emotions back—in the best way.

Christie Mann is on a mission to be a lifelong learner and dedicated leader. She is an author, spiritual psychologist, leadership coach, learning consultant, trainer, speaker, and yoga/meditation teacher. Christie created The Adventures of Li’l Sass, a series of personal development books for young people. She’s a proud member of CTI’s faculty; CTI is the Coach Training Institute, which is the world’s largest and oldest in-person coach training school. Christie shares with us how she had a dream, and what she did to make that dream come true, along with the work she does with organizational leaders around emotions.

Most of us probably experienced something as a kid when our emotions were “not allowed.”

Show Highlights:

  • How Christie became motivated to bring emotions back, to help kids and adults access emotions in responsible ways
  • How Christie was thrust into a leadership position at age 13, when her father went to jail; it was only after she “stuffed down” her emotions for years that she finally found healing
  • The book series feature “Li’l Sass,” a character who learns how to deal with different emotions
  • Christie’s dream is to have the books in every home and to someday have them made into an animated cartoon, a video game, and a curriculum
  • The red cape and the emotional wellness badges from the book
  • How Christie conducts leadership coaching around emotions
  • How adults will express emotions more openly if they benefit a child
  • Why we are more whole and effective when we allow spaces for emotions, and why emotions shouldn’t automatically equal vulnerability
  • The results are a deeper connection to self and to those around us
  • Creating space for self-care as coaches: learning when to say NO and how to carve out spaces for ourselves
  • How saying NO creates space for what REALLY needs to be there
  • Christie’s personal example of a paradigm shift that she had to make—and how she allowed it to unfold
  • How she felt when she finally held her books in her hand for the first time
  • What it takes to put together a book
  • Finding support as a self-publisher and learning what to let go of
  • Why Christie is dedicated to sharing a message that kids need to hear and understand in order to increase emotional intelligence
  • How this movement fits perfectly into the coaching goal in helping someone be whole, creative, and resourceful
  • Christie’s takeaway message: “We all need to feel safe in our emotions as human beings.”


Li’l Sass

The Adventures of Li’l Sass