Do you believe in magic? More specifically, do you believe in the POWER of magic? You might be surprised at how the principles of magic play into the world of coaching, inspiration, and unlimited possibility—and that’s where today’s show takes us. Join us for the ride.

Andrew Bennett is an expert at building inspiring organizations. He does something special in today’s show in helping us understand how we bring our own unique niche to the market as coaches. He shares how he uses his talent and expertise as a magician to transform organizations, and–believe it or not–this dates back to his days working as an assistant to Ross Perot. We also take a look at how the challenges Andrew has faced in life have affected his work and his belief in the human spirit. You don’t want to miss this moving interview with openness and transparency about the human mind and heart as sources of incredible power.

Show Highlights:

  • Andrew recently celebrated 50 years as a magician, going back to the magic set he received for Christmas at age 7
  • He had his own TV magic show as a teen and used magic to put himself through college, and then worked as a personal assistant to Ross Perot
  • It was Mr. Perot who encouraged Andrew to use magic in his business presentations, which he tried out for the first time in the General Motors boardroom
  • How Andrew used magic and got experienced at attaching it to a meaningful message
  • The roots of magic, way back in tribal communities
  • The power of “Wow” and its value in the business world
  • How Andrew uses his gift to make the world a better place
  • The trauma Andrew experienced: losing his mom and sister to a drunk driver when he was 3, having his father disappear from the grief and leaving Andrew to be raised by grandparents. His grandfather committed suicide when Andrew was 17, his grandmother became a quadriplegic from illness, then Andrew’s first home with his wife was condemned from the mold and they lost everything. When they moved to an apartment, it was struck by lightening and the building was destroyed.
  • How Andrew did lots of spiritual and emotional work to find the gifts in suffering
  • In working with leadership teams, the starting place is looking for those who have a deeper purpose in making the world a better place
  • Understanding the role that fear plays in the strategies we use
  • Getting clear about what we want to “appear” and why we need clarity of purpose
  • What we want to “disappear”–the things we say NO to in order to accomplish what we want
  • The tactical level and the emotional level to free ourselves from fear
  • How fear limits you in your choices
  • The wake-up call Andrew experienced as a leader
  • How Andrew brings healing and restoration in a business organization to help people work together for a deeper purpose
  • The core of his model and how it appeals to businesses that want to heal and restore hope
  • The meaning, the significance, and the WHY of the word “abracadabra”–and why our words have a profound influence on our thoughts and behavior


Andrew Bennett  Find a video of Andrew’s General Motors newspaper magic trick