In each show, we explore different tools, resources, and strategies to help strengthen your skills and create a stronger business. Today’s show is extremely useful, not just for coaches, but for everyone. We’re looking at how we overcome self-sabotage, so we can all learn new skills to help us in everyday life!

Mike Bundrant is a former psychotherapist and co-founder of the iNLP Center, which offers NLP certification and life coach training to students in over 70 countries worldwide. NLP refers to neurolinguistic programming, and MIke specializes in teaching us how to use it in our coaching practices with our clients. He’s the author of Your Achilles Eel: The Hidden Cause of Self-Sabotage. Join us as we dive into this topic with Mike.

Show Highlights:

  • How Mike co-founded iNLP with his wife, Hope, in 2011
  • Why he left the mental health field to pursue coaching and training, after 10 years as a counselor
  • What coaches can gain from NLP training: the practical, applicable tools of NLP to restructure the inner experience and change perspective
  • Key principles of self-sabotage: we get in our own way and need to understand what goes on consciously AND unconsciously
  • Why we seek out the familiar, even when it’s painful
  • How coaches help clients realize there is a different goal than the rejection and social awkwardness that is familiar
  • How the lens we choose to look through leads into self-fulfilling and self-perpetuating prophecy
  • How we increase clients’ awareness of the underlying pattern of the unconscious goal to feel rejected
  • How we deny the faulty programming and automatic behavior that speeds us toward pain
  • How normalizing the behavior helps our clients see that “I’m NOT the only one.”
  • How we can help clients explore awareness through inquiry and behavior patterns
  • Mike shares examples of transformation, when clients move away from self-sabotage toward empowerment
  • The 3 categories of self-sabotage: rejection, self-deprivation, and control (an attachment to BEING controlled)
  • How one of Mike’s clients “deprived” herself with isolation
  • How control can manifest itself in worry
  • How people who can’t say NO or set boundaries are basically saying, “You control me”
  • Being stuck in these self-sabotaging behaviors makes a person miss out on many competence-building activities
  • How awareness opens up the door to partnering to learn new skills


Your Achilles Eel: The Hidden Cause of Self-Sabotage by Mike Bundrant

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