What are the keys to success in relationships? More specifically, think about the high-performance relationships in your life. How can we be successful in life at work and at home in these relationships? My guest today draws on her experience and personal research into this topic to share practical advice that works from the bedroom to the boardroom.

Dr. Jacqueline Peters is an executive coach and leadership team and relationship specialist. Her mission is to help people create safer and more effective relationships in all areas of life. Jacqueline is the president and founder of Inneractive Leadership Associates, Inc. She’s been coaching developing leaders and teams for more than 20 years and has authored and co-authored several books. Her latest book is HIgh-Performance Relationships: The Heart and Science Behind Success at Work and Home.

Show HIghlights:

  • How Jacqueline began her career as a speech pathologist and realized her passion was in helping people be their best
  • Now, her work focuses on team and leadership effectiveness
  • Jacqueline has identified 5 core building blocks of every team and relationship:
    • Safety–Coaches have to be experts at creating safety
    • Common purpose–The team (or people in relationship) must be aligned
    • Structure–Working agreements are the key to success
    • Camaraderie–Mutual respect for each other
    • Repair–Necessary to handle those “relationship accidents”
  • “Even when we know what to do, we are imperfect people, and we WILL screw up. Being able to repair the relationship is essential.”
  • The difference between safety and trust: “Safety is the feeling and trust is the outcome.”
  • Why the most effective people are very interested in building camaraderie and safety
  • The process of writing the book, bringing her work into a product–and being vulnerable along the way
  • Why teams need a common language
  • How Jacqueline uses these building blocks with coaching clients
  • How her system gives a way to categorize the new information in our field to create a plan
  • Why relationships are always under construction and evolving


High-Performance Relationships  Find Jacqueline’s 30-Question Assessment

High-Performance Relationships: The Heart and Science Behind Success at Work and Home by Jacqueline Peters