I’m challenging you to turn the lens inward today as we talk about self-compassion. How kind are you to yourself? Life has a way of demanding our attention, how can we be intentional about self -compassion?  The information we explore today is great for our own focus and will help our clients as well.

We are joined by Jacquelyn Fletcher the founder of Heartwood Healing and creator of Heartwood Self-Mastery programs. Jacque has offered mindfulness and resilience training and coaching to hundreds of people through her work with organizations. She’s the co-creator and host of The Healing Words TV show and a founding faculty member of The Creative Writing at the Bedside program—-both of these programs are through the Mayo Clinic. Jacque is an award-winning author of 14 books, including Dear Body, Love Me. She brings her expertise to us today in exploring how we show up as our best by applying mindfulness and resilience practices to our own self-care and our clients.

Show Highlights:

  • Jacque’s work as “a teacher with big healing energy;” how she focused on writing and then on patient work at Mayo Clinic
  • How she spent her life learning mindfulness and resilience tools
  • Why she created her Heartwood Self-Mastery programs to help people get comfortable with their bodies, feel vibrant, and face challenging things
  • Self-compassion: being kind to yourself and being your own best friend
  • What to say to those who find themselves lacking
  • How to detach yourself from feedback
  • From Kristin Neff, the three parts of the definition of self-compassion:
    • Be kind to yourself without judgment
    • Understand we are part of humanity and we are never alone in how we feel
    • Pay attention—this is mindfulness
  • How self-compassion grows into self-acceptance and then unconditional love for yourself
  • Why you can’t be all things to all people
  • Mindfulness: focus the brain and relax the body
  • How she decided to niche down in her work
  • Our job as coaches: to be a fully-nourished healer, so that we can bring love in the most significant form possible to every interaction
  • How fear kills intuition
  • What it looks like to NOT have a healing presence
  • Why we have to detach ourselves, as coaches, from the outcome
  • How our thoughts project what we radiate to others
  • Jacque’s techniques to bring about self-compassion:
    • Write a letter to yourself
    • Put your hand over your heart to feel more self-compassion


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Dear Body, Love Me by Jacquelyn Fletcher

Rising Strong by Brene’ Brown

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