What would YOU want to know from an experienced coach? What questions would you ask? What practical insights would you hope to gain? No matter what might have crossed your mind, you will find answers and fulfillment in today’s conversation with a “coach’s coach.”

Molly Gordon is a Master Certified Coach and Certified Mentor Coach with over 20 years’ experience in coaching entrepreneurs and business owners. She focuses on teaching them to master the inner and outer games that take place in leading successful businesses. Molly is known for her quick intelligence, a lively sense of humor, and extensive practical experience. She’s a visionary and a pragmatist who regards coaching as an expression and a means of individual and collective evolution. Molly’s passion for coaching knows no bounds, which I’m sure you’ll find to be evident in today’s conversation.

Show Highlights:

  • How Molly began in 1996, supporting business owners with weekly sessions until one of her clients referred to her work as “coaching”
  • How coach-specific training made her work “half as much work and twice as effective”
  • How Molly learned what IS and IS NOT coaching
  • Molly’s program, “Without a Net,” which centers on live coaching in the moment
  • Why emotions are “the domain of learning”
  • How we raise clients’ awareness as coaches
  • Three principles of the coaching philosophy: thought, mind, and consciousness
  • How to make choices “in light of the artificial rules we make up for the games we play”
  • Normalizing the hesitation we feel in trying new skills
  • Why “clunkiness” is a component of the learning process
  • How we are in “unconscious competence” and need to become “consciously less competent”
  • What else coaches need to know:
    • Realize the infinite intelligence, creativity, and potential of the client
    • Join clients where they are—and wonder with them
    • Reflect on what worked–AFTER the coaching session
    • Get a more complete coaching contract
  • Why we need to “listen with nothing on our minds”
  • Helping people with the coaching partnership
  • Molly’s advice: “Be willing to get lost; it’s the doorway to new thinking.”


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Without a Net: Coaching from Source

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