It’s a solo episode today with yours truly. With every teaching opportunity I have, I’m reminded how much benefit coach training can bring to organizations. Join me to explore the value in key coaching principles.

Show Highlights:

  • How we can increase awareness of the effectiveness of coaching
  • The most common reactions from leaders when they explore what coaching can do for them
  • Key principles that resonate with learners:
    • Being curious vs. knowing
    • Partnership, trust, rapport, and respect
    • Believing that not having the answer might be the better solution
    • Ambivalence is a natural part of change
    • We all learn through experimenting
  • Leaders have to give themselves permission to be on the path to learning
  • How exciting it is to see others apply these fundamental principles
  • Our communication, mindset, and the way we show up as coaches
  • Explore some curiosity with your clients!


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