This week we are sharing a perspective that may be new to you, may be controversial and definitely needs to be heard.  Join us as we dive into a discussion of toxic masculine and feminine energy.  We look at how it is impacting our world, our relationships and what we can do to recognize it and change it.   This is a topic that my guest is absolutely passionate about and she walks us through energy gone wrong and how to right it.

Signy Wilson is a professionally-trained coach and faculty member at Coaches Training Institute. She received a Master’s of Industrial Relations and Human Resources in Leadership Development and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, both from Queen’s University. Signy is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Show Highlights:

  • Signy wants to show us how our world is being run by the distorted masculine
  • Why we need balance and integration in our masculine and feminine sides
  • How the distorted versions of the feminine and masculine energy become toxic
  • The toxic masculine: the extreme version of masculine gone wrong with dominance, no connection, no weakness, and no empathy
  • The toxic feminine: the victim, complete hopelessness, helplessness, disempowerment, being weak and absent
  • What led to the lens of labeling for toxic masculine and feminine
  • The distorted masculine: greediness, selfishness, stubbornness, being cold and rigid
  • The distorted feminine: scattered, whiny, manipulative, chaotic, and clingy
  • The ideal balance that we would like to have:
    • The healthy masculine in being present, focused, competent, solution-oriented, strong, clear, competitive, and logical
    • The healthy feminine in being collaborative, nurturing, spontaneous, vibrant, playful, and inspiring
  • What we want is integration, having access to the healthy masculine and healthy feminine in a natural flow
  • How Signy trains people to be conscious of their incompetence and to move to conscious competence
  • Why you need to give yourself permission to “exercise different muscles” in coaching
  • The problem in our society: that we value, celebrate, and reward the masculine over the feminine
  • Signy’s one-on-one work with women in senior leadership roles
  • Why women have lost their feminine to succeed in a masculine world
    • They have to see the value and power in the feminine
    • They have to find balance in the masculine and feminine to be effective
  • How Signy uses these principles with men, to create more ally-ship
  • How Signy LIVED what she teaches
  • How these behaviors and mindsets have to be revisited and explored as processes for change over time
  • How Signy’s passion has led to her signature talk
  • How to notice your masculine and feminine and see what’s true for you
  • How to recognize distorted masculine and feminine vs. healthy masculine and feminine


Star Coach Show #113 Signy Wilson Choosing Significance

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