Would you like to be free of self-limiting behavior patterns and become the best possible version of yourself?  Today, Meg Rentschler, an Executive and Mentor coach and host of Star Coaches, shares a resource that she finds helpful, both professionally and personally, on the last show for 2016.

Meg loves books – she’s a book addict! Join her today as she discusses the principals that have been written in one of the books she enjoyed, “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. She explains how the agreements can provide a practical solution to self-limiting beliefs and  behavior, which hinder personal and professional success. She shows how you can apply these principals to yourself and your business.

In this episode, Meg talks about:

  • Speaking the truth, without a hidden agenda or manipulation, with clients.
  • Creating business relationships based on honesty, respect, and openness.
  • The challenges in business due to poor communication, or lack of trust.
  • People’s tendency to see the world as being about them.
  • We have the choice to accept or refuse what others want to dump on us.
  • How you can empower your clients and help them build internal trust.
  • The power of assumptions.
  • How much energy is wasted supporting assumptions.
  • How you can keep yourself from assuming while coaching someone.
  • Doing your best does not mean perfect.