In leadership training, feedback is an essential element. The problem is that there are both good and bad ways to deliver feedback. Today’s show focuses on how a coach can deliver feedback in the right way to spur the client and propel them to positive action.

LeeAnn Mallory is an executive coach, facilitator of transformational leadership programs, and organizational consultant. She’s worked in this field of leadership and organizational development for over two decades with a variety of clients across many industries. LeeAnn’s goal is to help clients develop sustainable leadership practices that result in excellent long-term performance. In today’s show, we discuss how coaches can create a space to provide feedback to our clients, specifically the 360 feedback process. LeeAnn shares about the structure to provide feedback and partner with our clients toward developmental change.

Show Highlights:

  • How LeeAnn always wanted to teach and help people, which led to her social work degree and her coaching practice that began in 2001
  • What is most important about providing feedback to leaders
  • How leaders should receive and implement feedback
  • The Leadership Circle Profile 360 assessment, developed by Bob Anderson and Bill Adams
  • How to determine the focus for an informal 360
  • Ways to deliver feedback from the assessment’s data
  • How LeeAnn handles giving feedback in a debrief session
  • Challenges for a coach in a debrief
  • The next step for the coach AND the client after the debrief
  • Why the coach must be willing to invest time and resources into the client
  • How to help the client leverage their efforts where they will have a big payoff
  • How LeeAnn uses Marshall Goldsmith’s “Feet-Forward” approach
  • The importance of checking in with your client so they can ask, “How am I doing?”
  • How the coach handles different attitudes of the leadership team
  • A success story of how one of LeeAnn’s clients was able to receive feedback and walk through the process


The Leadership Circle Profile (LCP)

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