In today’s digital world, we know we should take advantage of the marketing opportunities that social media platforms provide—but how? They can be intimidating and confusing to figure out regarding your specific business. Let’s learn more!

Karen Yankovich is the CEO of Uplevel Media, a LinkedIn marketing firm that delivers profitable, cutting-edge digital strategies. Karen is the host of the popular podcast, Good Girls Get Rich. She is internationally recognized as a LinkedIn expert and consultant, and she’s a genius at helping businesses use LinkedIn and a range of other social spaces to increase profits.

Show Highlights:

  • Why businesses are confused about how to use social media marketing
  • Tips to buff up your LinkedIn profile:
    • Position yourself how you want the world to see you
    • Strengthen your personal brand
    • Be confident in who you are and what you do
    • Write your profile to attract your one perfect client
    • Create your profile from a multi-faceted perspective
    • View your profile as a story you’re building
    • Focus on your experience, not just prior jobs
  • Why your summary is not a resume; use it to tell a story, highlight your passion, and infuse keywords that help you be found in searches
  • Your dashboard that shows your search results, who is looking for you, and the keywords that are used to search for you
  • How to feed the right data to the search so that you’re found for what you want to be found for
  • How to use the phrase “so that” as a test to check your language
  • Creating a LinkedIn network that is proactive and not reactive
  • How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to get close to your ideal client
  • How to connect with new people each week
  • Ways to build relationships with people in your area
  • How to get a higher response rate and stand out from others
  • How to treat your calls as a business owner
  • Karen’s spreadsheet and how she organizes her leads
  • How LinkedIn has the direct path to connect with people you’re targeting
  • Karen’s “less is more” approach


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