Whether you have chosen to work in an educational setting or not, we all have experience in the realm of education. As a participant in the educational system, it’s pretty easy to spot the flaws. However, when your chosen career is in education and you become a part of the system and in many ways it becomes much harder to bring about change to a system that you are beholden to. Today’s guest is Fran Shuster, PCC and she’s here today to talk about her coaching work in the education world. She shares with us how she’s using coaching to change culture and challenge norms in education. She has also seen the powerful results when educational leaders show up as coaches first. This paradigm shift improves communication with the organization, empowers the members of the organization, improves conflict resolution among team members and leads to increased engagement from administrators, teachers, parents and students. The result is a more collaborative school that has a better chance of achieving the educational goals placed on the organization. Fran Shuster was an early adopter of the professional coaching model and is part of the first wave of students and active members of the International Coach Federation (ICF), the global leader in professional coaching.  She was an early contributor to the ICF North Texas Chapter, serving as president in 2006.  She has served in various roles and capacities in support of and contribution to professional coaching, both as a volunteer and as a leader, faculty instructor, mentor, coach and partner in Results Coaching Global, LLC.   Frances has also been active in the University of Texas at Dallas coach training program since 2008, serving as an instructor, supervising mentor and assessor.  She continues to be in conversation with the “movers and shakers” of the global coaching community, who are working toward maintaining the integrity and vitality of professional coaching now and into the future.  She is co-author of Results Coaching:  The New Essential for School Leaders (2010) and Results Coaching Next Steps:  Leading for Growth and Change (2017

“We have seen cultures begin to change just because people begin to listen differently with full presence.” – Fran Shuster

Listen to the show as Fran and Meg also discuss:
  • How the leadership culture can change and evolve
  • Why results coaching works primarily with school leaders
  • How being present in the moment can change leadership culture
  • The accredited Leadership Coaching program Fran’s company offers
  • Why coaching needs to become part of your leadership identity
  • The ways being heard can aid in conflict resolution
  • How vertical alignment plays into the coaching culture in education
  • What the reflective feedback model is and how it can be used

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