I’m always looking to share nuggets of wisdom with you, especially those with a practical application to help you take your business to the next level and make your coaching practice even stronger. Today’s show is no different as we’re looking at an interesting topic with a true expert who is eager to share what she’s learned over her distinguished career.

Judy Hoberman is president of Walking on the Glass Floor and Selling in a Skirt. Judy is an international speaker, trainer, coach, author, and mentor. She loves to share her experiences from over 30 years of business about how she has been able to see how men and women live, work, and sell differently. Judy teaches how we can be enlightened and support each other in bringing our productive efforts to the world. She has written several books: Selling in a Skirt, Famous Isn’t Enough, Pure Wealth, and her latest, Walking on the Glass Floor, which is about the soft skills of leadership. In today’s episode, we’re looking at two of her books regarding the lessons she’s learned as a sales coach. We’re diving into how she helps people connect and build relationships to be successful in their work. We also talk about leaving the security of the corporate world to go into entrepreneurship, based on Judy’s personal experience.

Show Highlights:

  • Judy’s message, which is not meant to be exclusive to one gender, but focused on building relationships
  • Why Judy’s passion is “Empowering professional women”
  • How Judy had the impression at age 5 about what girls “don’t do”
  • Going against the tide to pursue her passion
  • How Judy started Selling in a Skirt in 2009 to bring to the world what was missing for women in business
  • Judy’s primary message: Women want to be treated equally, not identically
  • How women can be championed with open opportunities
  • Judy’s message to men, whom she never excludes from her conferences and training
  • The importance of being present
  • Why the relationship is a big part of sales—and the part that Judy emphasizes in her teaching
  • How to ask the right questions in the sales relationship
  • The best questions to ask
  • Why the “glass floor” is the flip side of going through the glass ceiling
  • 7 qualities of leadership for women who lead
  • The acronym for SKIRT: Standing out, keys to success, inspiration, results, and time management
  • Two elements of time management: learning to say NO and being present
  • Judy’s experience in leaving the corporate world and her advice about courage
  • How to guard against scarcity and desperation in making the leap to entrepreneurship
  • How to plan out your time frame for the transition
  • Different ways that coaches can bring in income
  • How Judy markets herself and her brand
  • Judy’s talk show(Selling in a Skirt) to empower professional women and the men who champion them
  • Judy’s foundation (Walking on the Glass Floor) to empower women to learn more and grow more, especially for those who can’t afford a coach or a workshop


Selling In A Skirt

Walking On The Glass Floor

Find Judy on social media: Judy Hoberman or Selling in a Skirt

Books by Judy Hoberman:

Walking on the Glass Floor

Selling in a Skirt

Famous Isn’t Enough

Pure Wealth

S.K.I.R.T. Sales Playbook