Happy Birthday to our country! I know you join me in wishing everyone increased understanding, empathy, grace, and prosperity. Increased wellness is just one aspect of thriving leadership, which is the focus of today’s show.

Dr. Renee Moorefield is a return guest to the show. She visited us in Episode 102 to give us an overview of the concepts of thriving and wellness. Renee is here today to provide us with more details as we explore the intense research that Wisdom Works has been doing around thriving leadership. Renee is the CEO of Wisdom Works, a firm that enhances the readiness and capability of leaders to help lead organizations where people thrive. Renee brings the experience of coaching thousands of leaders and senior executives. The new tool by Wisdom Works has already been used to help hundreds of clients. The Be Well, Lead Well Pulse Assessment has been designed and created based upon years of research at Wisdom Works. From this interview, you’ll gain specific information in several different dimensions in which you can think about and explore with your clients.

Show Highlights:

  • An overview of Renee’s company’s work and its top priorities
  • Why we need thriving leaders to combat global disengagement, high levels of burnout, lack of productivity, and outdated leadership models
  • What we want from leaders and why we need the best of their creativity and wisdom to create a better world
  • How Renee approaches the education piece of leadership training
  • Thriving: by way of the doorway of effectiveness and relevance in the world
  • The three pillars of Wisdom Works: leadership, culture, and the science and practice of thriving
  • Why Wisdom Works created the Be Well, Lead Well Pulse Assessment, which has 133 questions that are scored in 19 thriving-related categories in 6 dimensions
  • The 6 Dimensions that make up the framework of the model:
    • Thriving: today and tomorrow, flourishing, and resilience
    • Fuel: how you eat, move, rest, and breathe
    • Flow: a sense of absorption, self-esteem, and mindfulness
    • Wonder: learning and growing, seeking the new, on appreciation
    • Wisdom: vision and purpose, emotional capacity, and wholeness
    • Thriving amplified: energizing others, maximizing others, and cultivating care
  • Responses from clients who have used the tool
  • The most profound part of coaching as it relates to thriving
  • The upcoming training for using the Be Well, Lead Well Pulse Assessment in October in CO


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