Would you say that the human spirit could use some revitalization? It’s an interesting concept to bring to the workplace from the coaching perspective. In today’s show, we’re talking about courage, compassion, inspiration, and aligning with your truth.

Andrew Bennett joined us back in Episode 118 to talk about how he uses his skills as a professional magician in his work with companies. Today’s show takes a turn in a different direction as we explore revitalization of the human spirit in the workplace. Andrew is an expert at building inspiring organizations. He’s sharing his experience in working for over 25 years as a leadership and organizational culture consultant and an executive coach where he partners with leaders to build cultures where people can thrive.

Show Highlights:

  • Andrew shares a personal experience from last August that has led to great things in his career
  • Why you need to say NO when something doesn’t fit well with your truth
  • Why the revitalization of the human spirit at work begins at the top
  • How leaders perceive weakness and strength
  • How to work revitalization of the human spirit into your purpose
  • How sharing your struggles gives others hope
  • Why Andrew focuses on how precious life is and why we should thrive
  • How and why this episode pairs well with last week’s (141)
  • The compassionate capitalism movement and our opportunities to create social shift
  • Andrew’s 3-part process to revitalize the human spirit:
    • Ignite the spirit
    • Free the mind
    • Build the culture
  • How to engage people in the process
  • The courage required by the coach-consultant
  • The challenge for coaches in balancing the two sides of being challenging and being loving


Ep. 118

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