If you’ve ever been curious about what other coaches have done to build their practice and be successful, you’ll want to join us on today’s podcast as our special guest is going to share nuggets of wisdom on how to create powerful presentation, facilitation when we’re in front of teams or groups, when we’re individual coaching, or facilitating a workshop or training. You will learn how this dynamic coach brings value to organizations around the world, using specific strategies to meet goals and obtain objectives.

Janet Watson’s areas of expertise include executive and leadership coaching, management design, customized presentations and workshops, and media training. Having been coached from a very young age in competitive figure skating in a competitive ice skating rink in Denver, CO, is where the passion to teach started. Janet turned pro before undergrad school and began coaching skating. Her thoughts always returned to “How can I make something good, even better?”, and that was the start of developing a coaching program with athletes. Janet’s transition into the executive coaching space around communication came about when she was asked to teach at a university in California, where she developed a very solid, strategic communications program. From there, corporate opportunities just blossomed and enabled her to gain more and more experience in coaching, training, and what she calls “facili-teaching”.

Show Highlights:

  • Considering the desired outcomes and guiding clients to figuring out their own answers
  • Janet discusses a typical day and what ground she might cover with both individuals and teams.
  • Coaches tend to have multiple skills (i.e., facilitate, train, coach) that bring value
  • “Facili-teaching” is a term coined by Janet, and means engaging while teaching.
  • Create your questions with a “how” or a “what”. These are conversation starters and help keep the door of communication open. The “why” and the “when” tend to shut a conversation down.
  • Empowering the C-Suite by empowering their people: asking questions instead of giving answers
  • “Sourcing the source” – people on the team you’re working with may have one or more of the answers that you’re needing.
  • People want to be heard and be respected for their ideas.
  • Objectives keep you structured within guidelines.
  • It’s natural for us to float in and out of conversations. Janet discusses ways to engage your team to help bring back the focus.
  • Debriefing is where the learning takes place.
  • Non-confrontational, wonderfully inclusive exercises grows a level of comfort.
  • Active listening is the foundation and defining objectives is the scaffolding.

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