Coaching touches lives in many different ways. In today’s show, we focus on how coaching can impact the health and wellness of our clients–as well as our own!

Dr. Leena Guptha is the Academic Dean of Online Education at Pacific College of Health and Science, and she’s the Chief Empowerment Officer at 2BWell Solutions. Dr. Leena has over 25 years’ clinical experience as an osteopathic doctor and a health and wellness coach. Her mission is to educate and inspire a global community on the value of optimal health and happiness through innovative solutions. “2BWell” for life is the theme, passion, and goal for Leena. Her vision is to live in a world where allopathic and integrative therapies are offered with equal availability to all, where health care focuses on balancing mind, body, and spirit, utilizing the best of all medicines, interventions, and modern-day technologies through evidence inspired practice.

Show Highlights:

  • Leena’s path to coaching from osteopathic medicine and integrative medicine, prompted by her mother’s diagnosis with aggressive lupus
  • How Dr. Leena explored different therapies for several years with the goal of helping her mother
  • The shift for Dr. Leena toward wellness with a coaching emphasis
  • The importance of creating a wellness structure of life
  • How to use a wheel of health as a coaching tool
  • Two parts of the same continuum: wellness and human performance
  • How Dr. Leena uses positive affirmations with her clients
  • How we experience the alpha wave state of the subconscious mind
  • Why daydreamers are proficient at positive affirmations
  • Things to consider in positive affirmations: balance, time of day, and regularity
  • How to use positive affirmations in sentence form and examples:
    • “I, Dr. Leena, have a mind, body, spirit balance, and I feel at peace.”
    • “I, Dr. Leena, enjoy aqua aerobics twice a week, and I feel fit.”
  • Why people limit themselves with repeated dialogue of negative affirmations
  • The practical aspect of helping create positive affirmations
  • Why Dr. Leena covers positive affirmations in every first session with a client
  • How positive affirmations can be adapted to business goals, health goals, wellness goals, relationship goals, and every aspect of life
  • Leena’s transition to San Diego to create a master’s program in coaching
  • The areas covered in the 12 classes of the online program
  • The need for instructors and what Dr. Leena is looking for
  • How we can use our time for the greatest good



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