Social media can be a noisy, frustrating, and confusing place for any business owner. Do you view it as a waste of time and something you just wish you could hire someone to take off your hands? If that describes your attitude toward social media, then you’re missing out! Let’s take a look at social media through a very different lens, and see how you can use it to connect with others and revitalize your business.

Donna Cravotta is CEO and founder of Social Pivot PR. She helps small businesses, authors, speakers, and content creators claim their voice, speak from the heart, and build a meaningful online presence. She teaches people how to infuse their voice into their content in social media, interviews, and when speaking from the stage. The foundation for today’s interview is how to identify the perfect small audience that’s right for you and using the invaluable intelligence found through social listening, strategic content, and positioning to land you in front of the right people. Social media approached from this perspective will bring different results. It’s not about numbers and vanity metrics, but about the focus on moving beyond the noise and frustration to connect with actual people in real conversations. Join us as we get clear today about using social media platforms to build relationships that will help build your business.

Show Highlights:

  • How to be your social CEO: “Stop and listen first. Define your audience and see what they’re saying.”
  • What you lose when you turn your social media (SM) over to someone else
  • How to become aware of the people with whom you should connect
  • How to do internal keyword research to build relationships
  • Why you must be authentic and base your SM presence on your passions
  • Why your posts need to show every part of who you are to help people connect with you
  • The parts of SM posting that can and should be delegated
  • Donna’s example of how you don’t have to carry the whole SM load, but just the touch parts
  • How to think about SM connections in the realm of how you would interact at a large live event
  • Effective ways to respond to comments that make you uncomfortable by showing your level of customer service and professionalism
  • Liking a comment vs. responding to a comment
  • How to build your SM community
  • Why you don’t need as much SM content as you think you do
  • How to use content repurposing and content upcycling
  • Donna’s work with SM, PR, SEO, and content plans
  • The new endeavor for Social Pivot PR: teaching workshops that can be purchased individually or in bundles


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