How are you looking at life and its difficulties? The lens we choose to view life circumstances has a great impact on us and the people around us. Today’s conversation is about the journey into coaching through very difficult life situations that became motivators to change and move into coaching.

Nancy McKay has had the life experience of growing up in an alcoholic household, battling alcoholism, and surviving ovarian cancer. She earned her certification as a Wayfinder Life Coach from Martha Beck, Inc., as well as a Mind-Body-Eating Coach from The Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Nancy is currently working toward certification as an Equus coach, so you can see that she is a lifelong learner who is energetic and passionate about what she does. Nancy’s diverse background, experience, and training provide her clients with multiple resources for healing and growth.

Show Highlights:

  • In 2015, Nancy battled ovarian cancer, had surgery, and underwent chemo
  • How chemotherapy changed Nancy’s perspective on life and helped her figure out that she wanted more from life
  • How she identified personal development as her new passion in life
  • Why cognitive coaching is “coaching around thoughts”
  • Why Nancy wishes she had a coach as she went through chemo
  • In 2009, Nancy got sober after a bout with alcoholism
  • How circumstances create thoughts, which create beliefs, which create feelings, which create behaviors
  • The choices that come your way with a cancer diagnosis
  • How Nancy’s cancer diagnosis showed her how many people love her
  • How Nancy works with her clients around managing fears:
    • Name the fear
    • Breathe
    • Stop, listen, and reflect
  • A key piece in managing fears is to tap into a power that is higher than ourselves
  • The need for a safe space in facing fears
  • What it means to put yourself first with integrity
  • How Nancy found her voice and began her career as a life coach
  • How Nancy got to the place of being compassionate with herself
  • How to acknowledge, confront, and release the self-defeating language we hear in our brains
  • How Nancy challenged herself with the gift of perspective
  • How Nancy wants to use her experiences to help other women
  • How she identified her ideal client and wants them to see their own opportunities


You can reach Nancy at or visit her website:

Amazing Outlook Coaching