Do you know specifically how you are helping your clients? Can you guide your clients to a specific outcome, even if they can’t articulate the goal? How you deal with these situations in your coaching business will determine how much your business can grow. Today we are talking about growing your business and serving your clients in a way that adds more value than you can imagine!

Gaining clarity around the ONE key outcome you help your clients achieve is the first component of the foundational structure that our guest, Dr. Terri Levine offers for creating transformational outcomes for your clients. She does this by creating premium packages in her business to insure that her clients attain the result they desire.  Terri is the Founder of the Heartrepreneur Network, which helps business owners communicate to their target markets in a way that beings genuine value and client connection.

Listen as Meg and Terri also discuss:

  • Terri’s background as a C-suite executive
  • How she knew she wanted to be a coach
  • How she took massive action get 30 clients in 30 days
  • How she made $500,000 in her first year
  • The detailed process she used to get 30 clients in 30 days
  • Why you should never sell time
  • Why you should identify your ONE result that your audience clammers for
  • Automating your marketing with one phenomenal webinar
  • Stop creating more content
  • Ask your clients: “If I could give you only one result, what is the specific result that you would be willing to pay for?”
  • Why you should create a high ticket package
  • How she experimented with several different types of marketing and sales funnels
  • Ways she used split testing to be more effective
  • How she wants people to EARN from her mistakes