What is the value of professional credentialing? This is a question I’m asked often by other coaches. Today’s show focuses on why it’s good to have a set of standards to meet, the changes that are happening within the ICF, and the value of ICF membership.

Sara Smith is a Master Certified Coach and Vice-Chair of the Global Board of the International Coach Federation. She was a previous guest back on Episode 5 when she talked to us about being a lifelong learner. Sara has a broad range of experience in sales, sales management, coaching, and consulting. She spent nearly 30 years with IBM in different roles as she moved up the corporate ladder. Sara now brings value to organizations as a coach, and she’s written a book about coaching. She is a dear friend with a refreshing perspective on the evolution of coaching over the years and the changes on the horizon in our field.

Show Highlights:

  • Sara’s current roles with the ICF as the only member of the Global Board from the US

  • Why this show is focusing on the changes happening in the ICF and the profession of coaching

  • The value of certification for the individual and the coaching profession

  • The ICF’s commitment to bringing definition and clarity to professionally-trained coaches

  • Why coaching is all about our clients

  • The results of a focus on core competencies

  • The multitude of resources available online for ICF members; it’s the go-to place for coaches!

  • The huge impetus to get more coaching credibility into organizations by using specific areas of focus

  • How the ICF is formulating credentialing opportunities for team and group coaching with research and data

  • How the ICF name will change (yet remain the same) to have a fast and effective move into the future

  • The value of the ICF credential–and what it means for you as a coach

  • Why some people who have been in coaching for decades don’t see the value of credentialing

  • What is offered for members through the ICF global calendar

  • How to use the ICF calendar to find continuing education opportunities

  • How local chapters of the ICF are building communities to provide training and networking for like-minded coaches

  • Leadership training and good business practices that are promoted through the local chapters of the ICF

  • How results-based coaches are “in the crosshairs of technology” regarding artificial intelligence

  • Why coaches should choose to be contributors rather than consumers


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Sara’s website: Smith Leadership

Sara’s email:  scsmith@slweb.net