What lights you up? Whatever that “fire” is for you, can you incorporate your passion into your coaching? Today’s show is all about taking your coaching to another level.

Katherine Bock loves the beach! She was creative enough to figure out how her coaching practice could allow her more time at the beach each year, but yet still meet the needs of her clients. Katherine shares how she created getaway retreats as part of her services offered to clients, how the retreats are structured, and how group and individual learning times are set up. Katherine is a career strategist who helps women take charge of their careers and lives to create more meaning, success, and balance. Leading beach retreats is the part of her coaching business that brings her the most joy as she helps women live their lives with passion and purpose.

Show Highlights:

  • What lights Katherine up about coaching after a successful corporate career

  • How Katherine identified her life purpose in helping people find the career of their dreams

  • Why Katherine decided to add a coaching retreat to her services offered to clients

Things to consider in setting up a coaching retreat:

  • What do your clients want?

  • Remember to create space between activities

  • What it means to “Come as you will be”

  • The framework of themes covered in Katherine’s retreats

  • Building the client experience in a retreat

  • The process of co-creating the weekend retreat with clients

  • How Katherine markets retreats with word-of-mouth, Facebook, and public speaking

  • How some clients return for repeat workshop retreats because of the community

  • What coaches should consider in offering retreats as part of their coaching services

  • Katherine’s upcoming retreats in November 2019 and January 2020


Email: kbock@careertalentcoaching.com

Website: Katherine Bock   Find out about early-bird discounts for Katherine’s January 2020 retreat!