I love doing a summary show from time to time. It allows me to choose a topic and mine out gold nuggets to share with you from multiple guests. Approaching a topic in this way gives us a broad perspective with different insights from different guests. On today’s show, we’re talking about using social media to build your business. Let’s face it–social media can be intimidating, but we’ve had several guests focus on its importance, so I wanted to highlight some of their teachings for you today.
“Use a picture that would reflect who you are and what you do” – Tanya Smith
Show Highlights:

  • Donna Cravotta, the founder and CEO of Social Pivot PR, shared the following:

  • What’s wrong with the way many professionals view social media engagement

  • Why you should become the “Social CEO” of your business

  • Tips on sharing authentic content

  • Tanya Smith, a creative social content strategist and expert in snack-sized marketing, shared guidelines to use for your social media posts.

  • Lou Bortone, “The Video Godfather,” shared the following:

  • What makes video so compelling

  • How video builds credibility and establishes expert status

  • What to do if video feels intimidating and uncomfortable for you

  • Brighton West, an expert in YouTube video, shared the differences in Facebook video and YouTube video.

  • Karen Yankovich, an expert on LinkedIn, shared the following:

  • Why everyone needs a great LinkedIn profile

  • Why strengthening your personal brand will bring value to your professional brand

  • How to connect with others to build your business

  • Marie Zimenoff is the CEO of Career Thought Leaders Consortium and Resume Writing Academy, and is the host of the radio show, “The Career Confidante.” She shared the following:

  • Be aware of other ways to connect with people to build value and relationships

  • Why you should share your own content along with content from others

  • Mel Depaoli works with clients to build brands that go viral, and she shared the following:

  • How to engage with others on social media with both agreement and disagreement

  • How to start and continue the interaction and connection


Tanya Smith

Karen Yankovich

Donna Cravotta

Lou Bortone

Brighton West

Mel DePaoli

Marie Zimenoff