Today’s show opens a different perspective on living as a coach. What we mean are the ways we, as coaches, put our coaching principles into action with those with whom we interact in our lives on both personal and professional levels. Join us for a look at this topic!

Mina Brown is a Master Certified Coach with over 20 years’ experience. As a gifted and inspiring teacher of coaching, Mina has found her space in executive and career coaching, and she runs Coach Academy International, a coach training school. Mina and I have been discussing how we show up each and every day as coaches, and how we live as human beings with family, friends, neighbors, and strangers. We’re bringing that conversation to you through today’s show.

“It occurred to me that being a coach has reshaped at a very deep level, a lot of me.” – Mina Brown
Show Highlights:

  • Why Mina is passionate about working with coaches

  • How Mina built her own certification program

  • The intriguing and profound aspects of living as coaches

  • The profound gift of giving someone else your full and undivided attention

  • How conscientious and deep listening help create a different level of connection

  • How the concept of judgment is impacted by the way coaches live

  • Why we need to let go of the need to solve every problem

  • What to ask to get out of a place of judgment and back into a place of listening

  • How curiosity is the antidote to judgment

  • Letting go of the need to be right all the time

  • How living coaching opens us up to possibilities

  • Neurolinguistic programming presuppositions about choices

  • Why we need to live as coaches and take the time to make people feel seen and appreciated

  • Wisdom from Mina’s adult son about having a coach for his mom–and the book he’s writing about his experience


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