As coaches, we can never underestimate the value of effective communication. In fact, it’s at the heart of everything we do. We’re diving deep with today’s guest into the art of communication.

Steve Knight is an Executive Coach, Business Communications Specialist and INSEAD Adjunct Professor who spent 30 years in broadcast journalism at the BBC TV and Discovery. He went on to become a Certified Executive Coach through the Hudson Institute of Coaching in Santa Barbara, CA. Steve is also a Systemic Team Coach through the Academy of Executive Coaching in London. In addition, Steve is also the creator of the app, Art of Comms. In today’s show, we discuss the results of effective communication for our clients and how we tend to speak out of habit. Steve shares the exercises he uses in voice visualization and how we can appreciate the words we use.

Show Highlights:

  • The results that Steve’s clients see in improving their communication skills

  • Challenges that Steve encounters with his clients

  • How Steve works with clients to help their conscious awareness

  • How Steve helps clients with bad speaking habits

  •  The motivation for Steve to create his app, Art of Comms

  • What Steve calls “voice visualization”–the intonation and shading in our voices

  • How we can appreciate the words we use

  • Tips from Steve about giving presentations:

  • Know your audience

  • Know your key messages

  • Be clear about your call to action

  • Specific obstacles that Steve’s clients have to overcome

  • Why Steve teaches the respect of cultural identities and accents

  • Why Steve decided to venture into coach training

  • Final words from Steve


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