How can being fully present help your coaching work with your clients? If you haven’t given much thought to this idea, then stop for a moment and think about it. Today’s show will help, and I have just the person to spur you in this endeavor.

Diane Ingram is a Professional Certified Success Unlimited Network (SUN) Coach and Coach Trainer and was credentialed through the ICF at the MCC level of mastery just as this interview went live. She’s here to talk about the power of presence. Diane is skilled at helping us see through the lens of coaching presence, and she’s sharing some great tips. She’ll also talk about how our spirituality helps us to be grounded and centered in the ways we show up for our clients. Diane has a degree in Psychology and Human Development, and she’s passionate about human potential and the process of coaching. She is recognized as a top corporate trainer and has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years, leading multiple teams of people through inspired leadership. Diane is the author of hundreds of articles and several books. She is a student of the Diamond Approach, which fosters personal development through methods of meditation, self-inquiry, and present-moment awareness. As a special treat for you in this episode, Diane leads us in a grounding exercise that you don’t want to miss!

“When I am able to be as totally present as I can be, I’m able to pick up all kinds of nuances in that partnership that I’m establishing.” Diane Ingram, MCC

Show Highlights:

  • What motivated Diane to help coaches strengthen their skills

  • How coaching presence shows up in a style that is open, flexible, and confident

  • Why being totally present is a skill to cultivate

  • How Diane prepares to “dance in the moment” in her coaching sessions

  • How Diane taps into a grounded, focused, and present state

  • Diane’s advice in connecting with a client over the phone by using your voice skills

  • Thoughts on clarity in showing up to coach the whole person, and not just the situation

  • Things we can cultivate within ourselves to own our coaching presence

  • How spirituality shows up in coaching

  • How being connected, present and curious can bring power to the coaching session

  • How Diane helps clients go deeper in coaching by getting results

  • How transformation occurs when clients experience a shift in who they recognize themselves to be

  • Diane leads us in a powerful and practical exercise in grounding


Diane Ingram