It’s always refreshing when someone takes the initiative to develop a new product in the field of coaching. Today’s technology allows creative and innovative ways to enhance our work with clients, and my guest today has truly gone above and beyond to develop a new tool that is meeting the needs of many. Join us to find out more!

Neena Newberry is an executive coach who is here to share how she saw an unmet need in her coaching space of leadership development and executive coaching. A 12-time award-winning speaker, author, and executive coach, Neena launched Newberry Executive Solutions in 2008. Her company focuses on her passion for developing strong leaders, especially women leaders. She left a managing and consulting career of over 16 years with Deloitte to build her own company. Neena develops leaders through purpose, presence, and power. She’s an executive coach with proven results. We’ll talk about Neena’s innovative solution to create an app called New Lens.

Show HIghlights:

  • How Neena came into the field of coaching

  • Why Neena’s focus is on developing high-performing women leaders

  • The glaring need Neena saw regarding the availability of resources to develop leadership skills

  • The solution: Neena’s New Lens app

  • How Neena initially developed micro-learning content that she wasn’t sure how to deliver

  • Steps in Neena’s journey in developing the app

  • The success of the app with large companies

  • What the app does as a tool for seeing leadership through a new lens

  • How the app suggests action items to help clients achieve results

  • How the app uses assessments to help you prioritize success strategies

  • How everyone using the app begins with two foundational success strategies

  • Why the remaining six strategies are chosen based on your assessment results

  • The confidentiality within the app

  • Why this app is not AI that will wipe out coaching

  • The things that make the New Lens app unique

  • What’s next for Neena’s app

  • Feedback from users of the appA rundown of the app’s success strategies

  • How Neena’s message of “not compromising” has driven her forward

  • Benefits to companies who use the app