What is the common thread that weaves through your life that makes you uniquely qualified to partner with your target clients?

Stories bring us together. Stories allow us to connect with each other, learn from each other, and many times hearing another person’s story gives us a better understanding of who they are. Stories are so important in coaching. Understanding the story behind a person can bring you to a new place in relationship building. Stories allow us to see our differences and our commonalities, both of which can be helpful learning tools in business.

“Stories affect us, they run deep with us and are compelling.” @StoryCoach

Today’s guest is Lisa Bloom, the Story Coach! Lisa specializes in marrying coaching and storytelling, both in helping a client identify their stories for growth and transformation and in helping coaches and other business owners identify stories that sell.

“The more that I brought in stories, the more engaged my audiences were, the more people interacted, the more they retained the information and the better the learning experience was.”

Listen to the episode as Lisa and Meg also discuss:

  • Lisa’s background is in learning and development in corporations
  • Why she didn’t think that coaching was a full-fledged profession.
  • How she married coaching with story telling
  • How she created the methodology of coaching through story
  • Created an ICF certified training program focusing the competencies and on supporting clients through story
  • Ways storytelling allows coaches to articulate coaching by highlighting transformation
  • Focus on stories that serve the client and differentiate yourself while resonating with your clients
  • Find the language of your wealth of experience and specific stories that create a compelling message
  • Learn to tell difficult stories in a way that empowers
  • Story is central to everything