We all strive for success, no matter how we are connected to this field of coaching. How do we achieve success? Is there a formula to follow? Today’s show answers these questions with actionable steps you can take TODAY to build and increase your level of success. Gary Barnes is The Breakthrough Business Mastery Coach. He’s a high-performance business and sales strategist, popular national and international speaker, and author of nine books. His clients span seven countries, and he’s been interviewed and published in many places, including NBC, FOX, PBS, ABC, CBS, and TEDx.

Gary is the founder of Gary Barnes International. He’s created several companies over the years, personally selling over $280 million in products and services. Through his life lessons, Gary teaches how we can be seen, be safe, and be relevant, and therefore, be more successful. Gary’s love of adventure is evident. He’s completed a world-class 40-foot firewalk, flown a WWII P-51 fighter, flown on a trapeze, completed a 75-foot bungee jump, and driven in a destruction derby with his car, “The Purple Passion. He’s also graduated from the police academy, climbed a 14,000-foot mountain, and plays the drums.

Show Highlights:

  • How Gary determined the three elements of success
  • The 1st step to success: : Be seen Why we have to grasp the concept that our clientele needs what we have to offer
  • What makes us shine in a different way
  • How Gary has defied the odds to be seen Why our clients differ in the way they make application of the content we give them With each opportunity, ask, “Does this take me toward or away from my ultimate vision?” Gary’s “Power of YES” philosophy
  • The 2nd step to success: Be safe Why you have to go into any connection with no agenda The key to being safe is active listening Why asking questions is the key to making connections and being authentic
  • The 3rd step to success: Be relevant Ask, “Do people need and desire what I have to offer?” How to connect to people’s pain points A dollar decision vs. a value decision Gary’s tips for focusing on results How clients “borrow” our beliefs Why we need to listen to others more than we talk about ourselves The uncertainty of the gestation period for our clients


The Power of GET Statements: Simple Strategies to Reboot Your Brain for Success by Gary Barnes

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