I’m always interested in helping you build flow into the way you deliver your coaching services to your clients. We want to develop this flow in ways that have proven to be efficient and successful. Today’s guest fits perfectly into these goals. Join me to learn more!

Angelique Rewers is CEO and founder of The Corporate Agent. She’s been called “The Undisputed Champion at Helping Small Businesses Land Big Clients” by Inc. magazine. The focus on landing big clients is certainly one we want to cultivate in our coaching practices. I know that landing big corporate clients can be intimidating, so I think Angelique will help us understand more. She’ll cover the conversations we need to have in the “corporate America” space, along with how we meet our clients there and bring value to them. She has groundbreaking global conferences that bring business owners together with major brands like IBM, Intel, HP, Paypal, AT&T, Marriott, and many more. In addition to being named “Enterprising Woman of the Year” by Enterprising Women magazine, Angelique has also been featured by Huffington Post, Forbes, Inc., Lucky, Washington Post, Entrepreneur, CBS, and many more. In today’s conversation, Angelique opens up about how we bring our coaching skills to the sales conversation to bring our clients value, understand their needs, and create a conversation that closes those corporate clients. Angelique has built her company on the belief that businesses, not governments, change the world. She’s also created a download for our audience that you can find the link to in our Resources section.

Show Highlights:

● How to begin approaching and engaging corporate clients

● Being proactive in identifying problems and solutions

● Why proposals don’t work–so don’t send them!

● Different conversations to have with a prospective client:

○ The bridge conversation

○ The capabilities briefing conversation

○ The needs discovery conversation

○ The red zone to end zone conversation

● Basic tips for the needs discovery conversation

○ Identify whether the client is ready for this conversation

○ Be proactive in priming your client for this conversation

● The value in relationship-building in coaching

● The immense need for coaches within corporations

● Why you must master business development and the sales process

● Dealing with objections that clients must navigate

● The two most important commodities of your clients: time and brain space

● Why you have to show clients how you are different

● Instilling from the beginning a level of value and leadership to create a comfort level in the relationship dynamic

● Angelique’s tips in readjusting and guiding a client in the “co-creating to 100%” process


Download a fully customizable proposal template as a gift from Angelique: https://www.boldhaus.com/