I hope your 2020 is off to a good start and that the Star Coach Show stays a part of your future as you build your business and strengthen your coaching skills. Today’s show is about advancing the mastery of coaching from transaction to transformation.

Teresa Pool, Master Certified Coach, has worked with organizations and executives for over 25 years, helping them to unlock their potential. She’s also the ACTP Director for the University of Texas at Dallas in their Executive and Organizational Development Coaching Program, and I’ve had the pleasure of working with her through that organization. Teresa was a guest on Episode 41, in which we discussed what it looks like to become a Master Certified Coach. In today’s show, Teresa will tell us about her upcoming workshop in Houston in February. She’ll also share gold nuggets with us about the learning plateaus that we hit and the belief systems that get in our way as coaches. We will learn how the key is asking what we can do to explore the shifts that are necessary for our mindset and skillset to move our coaching from successful transactions for our clients to truly life-changing transformation.

Show Highlights:

● What it means to progress from transaction to transformation

● How coaches might miss out on going deeper with a transformational experience

● Indicators that you’re “lounging on the couch” as a coach

● How coaches can challenge themselves to move to the next level

● Letting go of our needs as coaches to add value, make an impact, and be “good”

● Why coaches need to be curious about the changes to competencies

● Characteristics of transformation in the coach/client relationship, beginning with deeper, broader conversations

● Core beliefs and inner needs that the coach brings forward that need to get out of the way:

○ The need to help

○ The discomfort of now knowing all the answers

● How Teresa’s workshop helps coaches identify limiting beliefs and create awareness of a clear path to their own transformation

● “The Coaching Container”–the combination of trust and intimacy to create the environment the client needs

● Why the coach can’t have goals for the client and must release any bias

● Teresa’s two-day workshop in February around the core competencies

● The importance of noticing your plateaus


Houston Workshop: https://icfhoustoncoaches.org/meetinginfo.php?id=126

Episode 41: Becoming A Master Certified Coach With Teresa Pool, MCC

Teresa’s website: Transitions For Business