In today’s episode, Meg hosts a returning guest, Terri Levine, the Coaching Guru. Terri is the founder of the Heartrepreneur Network and works with companies to create 6-7 figure incomes. Terri is sure to fire you up and get your creative instincts going. In her warm and transparent way, she discusses how to gain clarity on who to serve, what to offer them and how to maximize the impact you provide to your clients. You will instantly feel her passion as she talks to Meg about how to create success in your business.

Your brain is gonna run you if you don’t run your brain. -Terri Levine

If you are a master at what you do, you improve it every day, every week, every month. -Terri Levine

What you will hear in this episode:

  • What is a “heartrepreneur”?
  • Ways to discover your passion. What would you do if money didn’t matter?
  • How to create a business out of what you love to do.
  • How to align your mindset and your authenticity so that you can attract those high dollar clients.
  • Why your business should have a single focus.
  • Tweaking and changing your niche is okay.
  • The key elements in partnering with your client to achieve the desired results

* Know yourself

* Be transparent

* Be authentic

* Have integrity

  • Choosing the right clients is key to delivering the desired results.
  • What steps to take to make yourself stand out in your niche.
  • Learn the processes that go into creating a high dollar program.
  • Be sure to sign up for the book give-away.
  • Stay tuned to the end to hear Terri’s response to Meg’s bonus question. It could be very useful to your life and business.