Today’s show covers the aspect of coaching leaders and managers that makes up a lot of our work with clients. We want to help our clients who partner with leaders and organizations for career development and employee retention, and I’m thrilled to have a talented professional here to share her expertise.

Dr. Beverly Kaye is internationally known as a professional who is dedicated to helping individuals, managers, and organizations understand practical how-to principles of employee development, engagement, and retention. She shares with us some vitally important principles that are intertwined with communication and how we show up. We are discussing several immobilizing myths that managers carry into the workplace. Specifically, Beverly shares how we can demystify those myths with tips and strategies to overcome those perceived obstacles and be more efficient in our communication. Beverly received her doctorate from UCLA in 1976, founded Career Systems International, and currently Beverly Kaye and Co. Her wisdom is overwhelming because of her vast experience. She’s been honored by ATD with their 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award for her advanced knowledge and extensive practice across the talent development field. The Association of Learning Professionals also honored Beverly with a Thought Leadership Award. Beverly continues to be a strong advocate for employees and the way we can help organizations and leaders engage and retain their employees.

Show Highlights:

● What brought Beverly into this field 40 years ago

● How Beverly became a learning specialist with an emphasis on practicality

● How a busted sewer pipe helped Beverly make some important decisions

● Why career development is so important

● Beverly’s books

● Myths about career development:

○ There’s just not enough time

○ If I don’t talk about it, they may not think about it, and the status quo will be safe

○ Since employees need to own their careers, it’s not my job to plan it for them

○ Everyone wants more

○ Development efforts are best concentrated on high potentials, and most of them have that taken care of

● Six career moves, from Beverly’s book, Up is Not the Only Way: Lateral, Enrichment, Vertical, Exploratory, Realignment, and Relocation

● Why people in an organization want to be seen, heard, known, and understood

● Five P’s about how employees think about their careers: Person, Perspective, Place, Possibilities, and Plan

● Why organizations are responsible for delivering on their promises

● Why Beverly wants all of what she does to be delightfully engaging, deceptively simple, deliberately simple, and decidedly business-centered

● Beverly’s work in support of “the massive middle”


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