One commodity that is equal for everyone is the number of hours in a day, week, month, etc. If we only have a certain number of hours in the day, then we have a limited amount of time and energy in which to deliver for our clients. Today you’ll learn how to leverage your time and resources to do more than one-on-one work.

Kevin Koskella is an online entrepreneur who decided to be free of the corporate world a few years ago. He wanted to leverage his expertise in a place where he was comfortable bringing his knowledge forward. He started as a swim coach and then branched into online offerings, soon realizing the untapped potential that existed in the online world. Now, he helps entrepreneurs be more successful with their client base in the online space. We’ll cover how to conceptualize moving from one-on-one business to a one-to-many approach. We’ll also learn from Kevin what his company, Work Hero, does in providing services for online entrepreneurs.

Show Highlights:

● How Kevin journeyed to where he is today, by way of a job layoff, swim coaching, and offering online products and a membership site

● The limit to the expansion of our business because of the number of hours available

● Things to consider about online opportunities:

○ Start small

○ Find a unique approach to solve a problem for your clients

○ Find a way to bring value to your ideal client

○ Leverage social media opportunities to make yourself known

● The advantage of membership sites

● How Work Hero can help with your technology challenges

● Why longevity is an important goal


Website: Use Work Hero


LinkedIn: Kevin Koskella

Facebook: Use Work Hero