Have you thought about starting a podcast? Do you wonder what the first steps are? Are you looking for ways to attract people to you and your business because of the services you offer and the value you provide? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then today’s show is a don’t-miss episode for you.

In this solo episode, I’m covering the steps I went through in creating the STaR Coach Show. I’ve received many questions about what my journey to podcasting has been like, so I’m happy to share those steps with you, along with the considerations you’ll have to tackle if starting a podcast is on your horizon.

Show Highlights:

● How the podcasting medium has literally exploded over recent years—and it’s not going away

● Two recommended courses through which you can learn more about podcasting:

○ John Lee Dumas: Podcasters’ Paradise

○ Pat Flynn: Smart Passive Income

● An overview of my journey and the questions I had to ask myself:

○ What’s the topic of my podcast?

○ Who is my ideal client?

○ What message do they need to hear?

○ How often can I commit to doing a podcast?

○ What is my reason for doing a podcast?

● Details and decisions to consider about a podcast:

○ The format, whether solo, co-hosts, or interview

○ Audio/video format

○ Length of the show

○ A name for the show, and whether it matches your website name

○ Expenses for artwork, editing, show notes, hosting platforms, etc.

○ The flow and format of each show

○ Equipment