One of the goals of the show is to connect you with great resources to help you in your coaching business, and today’s show is no different. We are talking about how to make those important contacts within organizations to elevate your coaching into the corporate world.

John Sigmon is an executive coach, speaker, teacher, facilitator, and organizational transformation expert. His background is in HR leadership, so he has experience in the position of having external coaches reach out about what his company’s needs are and what they can offer to the organization. John will give us the insider scoop on what organizations are looking for when they interview coaches and what you can do, as a coach, to be best prepared for that conversation,. We’ll also discuss the kinds of assessments organizations need and how you can provide those. John will share some strategies and tips that you can use if you want to get into organizations and offer your coaching expertise.

Show Highlights:

● Common questions John hears about considerations in the coach/organization relationship

● How to understand the pathways of access into organizations

● Ways to find out what matters most to an organization and their culture, and what it takes to become an external coach for them

● The importance of building a relationship with an organization

● How to know what kind of assessments with which a coach should be familiar

● John’s tips for interpreting competencies

● How to approach the situation when an organization uses an unfamiliar assessment

● Important aspects of the internal perspective

● Steps you should take as a coach in an organization

● The importance of confidentiality in the coaching sessions

● Ways to measure progress in the coaching relationship


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