During this difficult time, many people are affected, and so many things are uncertain about the future. We remain committed to bringing you strategies, tools, and resources to help in your business, and we send our best wishes to all of those who are struggling.

Jean Oplinger is a Master Certified Coach with over 20 years’ experience in the coaching field. She brings her energy, attention, and top ten learnings about what she’s learned in building her coaching business. Jean will share with us how she connects with clients and how we can partner with our clients, along with taking care of ourselves so we show up in the best way possible. She’s known for being trustworthy, attentive, and effective in expanding leaders and teams to see more, be more, and do more. Jean is an Insights facilitator, Master Personal Brand Strategist, and Gallup Strengths Coach. She combines “care and craft” to quickly connect with clients, tap into their authentic strengths, clarify their destination, and initiate action. She will challenge you in your own breadth and depth as a coach. Jean works with Fortune 50, 100, and 500 clients, and she has a healthy family in her life of balance, presence, and great joy.

Show Highlights:

● Jean’s story of how she came into the world of coaching 20 years ago

● How Jean wanted to “fill the void” for senior leaders and launched into the coaching profession

● The difference in the availability of coaching resources today vs. 20 years ago

● Three categories of key learnings: business, clients, and self

● Jean’s top tips for business: 3. Structure, 2. Network, and 1. Honor and uphold ICF ethics

● Jean’s top tips for clients: 3. Be real and speak your truth, 2. Be 100% present, and 1. Identify the deepest root of what they want to talk about

● Jean’s top tips for self: 3. Invest in mental, physical, and emotional well being, 2. Restore your energy, and 1. Have your own coach

● Jean’s bonus tip: Be a good listener in your business, with your clients, and to yourself


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